Tuesday, October 8, 2013


For those that dont know, here are some links to different site, and pages that are connected with us, and the Church here!

My parents, who pioneered this area of eastern Europe and founded this church  - http://www.missions2ukraine.com/


The youth group we lead, https://www.facebook.com/FaithKharkovYouthGroup

Our home church - http://fbcminthill.org/

In the beginning, the first post!

2 Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

  The best way to start of this new blog, was to start with a verse that has always been dear and close to me in my life. 

I would like to start off by thanking the Lord for giving me such a wonderful sister, Noelle, that took the time to help me start this blog and get everything working! I truly wouldn't have understood anything with out her! 

The Lord has been good to Nina and I! Just last week we were able to join one of our youth members in celebrating her spiritual birthday! Amazing that just a year ago, she wasn't even in church, but we never stopped praying for her, and she finally repented less than a month ago, just in time to be able to thank God for saving her soul! God is always faithful! 
Nina is now assisting in giving Marina Bible lessons. This is the first time for Nina to be teaching these foundation laying Bible lessons since finishing them herself a few months back! Its a blessing to see her pass on the knowledge that she has!  
Nina and Sergi,  a young saved man you will read lots about in posts to come, are now taking a series of new lessons of the book of Acts from Pastor John, and are thoroughly enjoying them! She doesn't realize yet, but the things she is being taught here, is more in depth than the Acts class I had in Bible college! God as given a lot of wisdom and knowledge to my Dad, Pastor John! 
 We both look forward to heading down to southern Ukraine at the end of the month, to attend a 3 day couple's conference hosted by Simferopol Baptist Church, Pastor Bob Vansant. This will be our first couple's conference since tying the knot last June! I'm sure there is a lot to be learned! 
We ask for prayer regarding our neighbors, Vika and Miroslav, who both have promised to attend this conference with our church. Satan would love nothing more than to see them not go. Vika has made a profession of faith, although she does not attend church, but her husband Miroslav is not a believer and this is a huge step for him, should they go!

We thank every church, and individual who sacrifice of their time to pray for us and the church here in Kharkov. Satan is always lurking, he is a powerful enemy and only with prayer can he be withheld from hurting Christians. We also thank those who give financially to support us. There is so much that needs to be done to finish the facilities of Faith Bible Baptist Church. Please pray that the Lord would help us raise our support while we are here, he knows our needs.

Post again soon! 
Steven and Nina O'Brien